August 22, 2011

Anks Review: "The Blind Side" - Score (4/5)

Anks Review: "The Blind Side" - Score (4/5) - What a sunday delight !!!! The Blind Side is a recently released movie based on True Story of NFL player Michael Oher. It tells us how Leigh (played by Sandra Bullock) adopts a black kid and welcome him in her family & help him to find his destiny as a great NFL player. This movie plays around the human emotions & family values and inspires you. Real Good Watch !!! Sandra Bullock deserves Oscar Nomination for this one.

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  1. Based on the true story of Baltimore Ravens Offensive Lineman, Michael Oher and the book of the same name about him, this movie is incredible. It highlights Michael's journey into the Tuohy family of Memphis, Tennessee as a high school student who had been ignored and neglected his entire life and denied opportunities most take for granted. With the Tuohys, Michael is given his first bed, his first car, and his first experience of what family life is supposed to be.