December 3, 2011

Anks Movie Review: "The Dirty Picture" - Rating ( * * * * )

Anks Movie Review: "The Dirty Picture" - Rating ( * * * * ) - Bold, Shocking & Real. It was a much awaited movie based life of 80's South Siren - Silk Smitha. The Dirty Picture is a story of making of Star who knew the pulse of Indian Men which made her most famous on screen in film industry. The movie talks about the life of actress and depicts reality of women in film industry. It shows how the character Silk shown mirror to world by showcasing her vulgarity which is true reflection of society who lives in denial socially but has different face in its personal domain.
This movie is certainly single-handed belongs to Vidya Balan for her finest performance and the way she was in too much of skin with characters. The direction is just right though movie tumbles a bit in second half but climax fixes it efficiently. Overall a Good Watch. Three cheers to Vidya Balan.

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