July 22, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises - [ Action / Superhero ] - (5/5)

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The Dark Knight Rises: The Perfect Masterpiece

The Batman Brand and Christopher Nolan both seeks high expectations from it's legacy and bang they are on it. The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR) starts post eight years where the The Dark Knight ends where Gotham City is at peace. The movie starts with stunning Air to Air plane hi-jack incident to catch a Russian Nuclear Scientist by masked man Bane played Tom Hardy and shows Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) living in exile mourning the death of his girl friend. Bane captures the cities underground by putting explosive also stages an attach on the stock exchange and uses a stolen (by Selina Kyle aka Cat Woman played by Anne Hathaway) set of Bruce's fingerprint to place risky investment, bankrupting Bruce and forcing him to relinquish control of Wayne Enterprises. This pushes Bruce to return as Batman.
After bankruptcy Bruce tries to protect all his arms at labs and also seek help from a business woman Mirinda Tate to protect the Nuclear based Energy Reactor so that it should not go in Bane's hand. Bane plans an attack and take entire city as hostage and enables the nuclear reactor. He has fights with Batman and beats him and push him into prison impossible to escape.
The city was waiting to be destroyed and Batman once again comes to save the Gotham City.
The previous two movies was all about the bad guys such as Ra's al ghul and The Joker, this one is about Bruce Wayne and how he fights himself to come back to restore things which he dreamt about Gotham City.
It's quite a slick movie and all scenes were mind blowing. Great sound and camera work with superb special effect. Anne Hathway is sexy and Tim Hardy as Bane scares you off. Though this movie is not as master piece as previous one with Joker Charisma and amazing dialogues but if you do not compare it- it is perfect movie.
A Must Watch


  1. You honestly aren’t going to get any better than this when it comes to pure, summer entertainment, nor with superhero flicks. That is, until the new Superman flick graces the screen. However, this is Batman’s time to shine and he does it perfectly, especially for his last time with Nolan and Bale involved. Good review.

  2. Nice Blog, But i will give 4stars

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