October 19, 2013

Shahid - [ Drama / True Story ] - (3.5/5)

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Shahid - For the law of equality

Shahid is biographical film based on the life of lawyer and human rights activist Shahid Azmi, who was assassinated in 2010 in Mumbai. Shahid is a young man affected by Mumbai Riots joins millitants in J&K but soon returned. In Mumbai, he is arrested under the TADA, for an alleged conspiracy to assassinate some politicians. During his tenure in jail he decides to become a lawyers and help all those who have been wrongly convicted because of their religion.
Shahid is very bold attempt by director Hansal Mehta and he managed to tell story with truthfulness. Raj Kumar Yadav (Rao) has provided superb performance as Shahid. The movie is bit slow in execution, dark in nature and has unexpected ending, however that's what happens with movies based on true story.
Its a good cinema.

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