June 20, 2019

When They See Us - TV Series (5/5)

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When They See Us - Blindfold Judiciary

When they see us is Netflix's Original Mini-Series which is based on the true story of which is based on 1989 New York City's Central Park Joggers Rape case and lives of families of the five male suspects who were prosecuted in 1990 on rape charges.

The story starts with five teenagers kids who just go out on trolls at Central Park were other black kids were creating a ruckus to people in the park. They got randomly picked by the NYPD cops and at the same night, other units of cops discover a jogger brutally rape & stranded in one part of the cops. The cops got into pressure to capture rapist and with a biased judgement of Linda Fairstein (Felicity Huffman), a Head of Sex Crime. 

The first two episodes of series are all about how cops manipulate all five kids against each other and record their confessions to prosecute them for rape charges. During the trial, Elizabeth Lederer (Vera Farmiga) proved them guilty and they all get sent to Jails. Episode three and four show the story when four of them comes out after serving their terms and find it difficult to live in mainstream society with the tag of convicted sexual offenders.

In 2001 a serial rapist & murderer Matias Reyes who has been convicted for other crimes confess about 1989 Jogger Case which leads to an investigation and through DNA and Blood Samples it was found out that he raped the jogger in Central Park alone. The court vacates the conviction of five teenagers and they file suit against the city which they win final settlement amounting of $42 Million in 2012 which was biggest ever such settlement in New York State.

It's amazingly written, well-directed series which engages you at it's every moment. You can feel the pain of each accused offenders and their family with a superb performance by each actors. It's one of the most controversial case of USA which highlights corruptions, racism in NYPD & State Judicial system which was portrayed in quite a realistic manner. A Must Watch !!!

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