August 13, 2022

777 Charlie (5/5) - {Kannada}

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777 Charlie: A Bond of Unconditional Love
Streaming Platform: Voot

777 Charlie is a Kannada film about a friendship between a dog and a man, directed by Kiranraj K. 777 Charlie is a story about a Labrador Puppy who escapes from a breeder where many dogs are caged and tortured. He struggles to survive and lands up in a housing colony where Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) resides. Dharma is a loner who doesn't have any friends and is hated by everyone around him. After one incident the puppy sees Dharma as a savior and follows him to his house and takes shelter outside his house. One road accident makes Dharma take Charlie to a vet who without his wish has to keep the pup for a few days before the vet doctor finds any family who can adopt Charlie. It shows how it is difficult to keep a pup and at the same time how it develops a bond for life. The story is about how Charlie and Dharma develop bonds that completely change Dharma's life around him, till the time Dharma founds out that Charlie has terminal cancer. This news shooks Dharma and he starts a road trip with Charlie to show her snow in Himachal which Dharma thinks it's her last wish. 

This movie is perfect in all aspects and the most strong point of this movie is its screenplay and direction. In this one movie, the director covers all the issues regarding pet dogs such as Acceptability in Housing Colonies, Illegal Breeding, Impulsive Adoption, Dog Shows, Animal Activist, Army Dog, and how a Dog can change the life of a person with unconditional pure love. The emotions are high and handled in a perfect way without making them melodramatic and showed how a human and dogs understand each other with their emotional bond.

This is one of the kinds of movies that are rarely made in India and everyone MUST watch this. If you are a pet parent you will understand how one can go to any extent for them and the one who doesn't have a pet will learn how deep this bond could be. 777 Charlie may lack the finesse of top world-class movie-making however its screenplay has all the ingredients to qualify for the Film Festival and International Award circuit. 

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