October 16, 2022

KANTARA (5/5) - {Kannada}


KANTARA - The Legend of the Demigod


Kantara is a 2022 Indian Kannada-language period action drama movie written and directed by Rishab Shetty and produced by Hombale Films. This is about the Legend of the Keraadi Forest area in Coastal Karnataka where a king in 1847 gives his land to Tribals in the Forrest Area in lieu of Demigod to gain peace and prosperity for himself and his family. The tribals have Guliga Deva (a demigod) who warns the King, that if he or his family will ever goes back on the word will face the wrath of the Deity.

Down the generations, the king's successors in 1970 demand the land back from the tribals during the Kola festival and warn about going to court but after a few months dies mysterious death as pronounced by Deva. The movie travels to 1990 when a Forest Department wants to make the place a Reserve Forest area and a village Kambala Champion Shiva (Rishabh Shetty) gets into loggerheads with DRFO officer, Murali (Kishore). The movie is about the conflict between Tribals, Royal Blood, and Forest Department while the folklore of Kola and Demigod is in the background. 

This movie is just fantastic in each frame from beginning to end. The movie is carried solely by Risabh Shetty who is not only in the lead role but also he is the one who has written as well as directed it. It's an amazing screenplay with perfect cinematography, a compelling background score, and flawless direction. The rawness of the jungle and village and the meticulously shot action sequence is the icing on the cake. Rishabh lives this role and looks so natural as tribal youth and what a performance by him in the climax which makes you speechless and awestruck. 

This is another gem from Kannada Film Industry, an Oscar Worthy movie and Must Watch in Theatre.

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