July 20, 2023

Kohrra - (5/5) - {Punjabi} - Mini Series

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Kohrra - One murder exposing many dark sides


Kohrra is a Punjabi crime thriller in the form of miniseries produced by Netflix. It's about the murder of an NRI bridegroom in a small town in Punjab which is investigated by two cops Balbir Singh (Surinder Vicky) and Amarpal Garundi (Barun Sobti). It's a story about how many characters connected to the victim and his family unfolds their own secrets and deceits while the investigation continues.

Kohrra is a slow-burn drama but it grows on you, especially with a well-crafted script by Sudip Sharma & Team and amazing direction by Randeep Jha. The beauty of this series is its originality of all characters, superb production design reflecting Punjab in a very real manner and each character was so perfectly portrayed as if they are living it in real life. It's amazing while solving this murder mystery the creator subtly shows all the cultural and political issues that Punjab is facing from the drug menace, the craze about going abroad, and crime in general. 

Every actor in Kohrra is an exception but the ones who stand out are lead actors Surinder Vivky and Barun Sobti. Another actor who truly stands out is Saurav Khurana who played the role of Saakar Khurana with great perfection.  

Kohrra is a world-class mini-series with great production value and direction, A Must Watch !!

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