July 17, 2023

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Part One - (5/5) {English}


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Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Part One #MI7 - World Class World Saving

Finally, the famous Franshise of MI has arrived. MI7 is about an experimental AI called "ENTITY" that has immense power to sabotage any digital system gone rogue and entered into major defense, military systems, and intelligence networks of the world. The only way to control ENTITY is through two interlocked key which is separated and world powers rushes to own the keys so that they can control ENTITY which in a way give them the power to control the world. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) believes that the Entity poses too great a threat to humanity, he seeks to destroy it with his team. The movie is about how he tries to obtain the Key and try to find out what that key unfolds which can control Entity.

This movie has taken the action and spy drama to the next level and I can say that it has left franchises like 007 James Bond far behind in terms of its screenplay and flawless execution of action sequences with a superb soundtrack and mind-blowing background music. There are a lot of spy movies and Saving the World movie which is usually high on special effects but goes quite dud on the screenplay and that's what makes MI7 a class apart.  It's a watertight story with excellent direction by Christopher McQuarrie. All cast are as usual amazing in their performance with great dark humor. Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, and Vanessa Fergusson bring continuity from previous movies. 

The movie indeed belongs to Tom Cruise. You can see how he sweats it out at this age where he can give a run for money to younger actors. His masterpiece runs around with speed, always a unique car chase, and not to miss a unique unimaginable new stunt in every MI movie where here he delivers an iconic stunt where he jumps his motorbike from the cliff of 4000 feet height of Hellesylt mountain. The movies like Topgun Maverick, and Mission Impossible Series, Tom Cruise show his commitment and passion towards his audience and left them no choice but to come and watch it in the theater. There are many such stunts and actions sequence which was flawlessly executed.

I watched this movie on 16th July but waited for myself as I really wanted to give justice to the review with proper words and I still feel short of words for this amazing new age action movie. This is a must-watch and that too in IMAX Theater.

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