August 15, 2023

OMG 2 - (4/5) - {Hindi}


OMG 2 - Devine Intervention
OMG 2 is the next movie of OMG - Oh My God! 2012 directed by Amit Rai. The movie is set up in Ujjain, a pilgrim city of Lord Shiva's Mahakaal avatar. 

OMG 2 is the story of Kanti Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi), a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva who is a simple family man living an ordinary life as a shopkeeper near Mahakaal temple. One day his son, is blamed for immoral sexual conduct and is rusticated from the school. His son goes into depression and even tries to commit suicide. While exploring the reason Kanti realises his son is a victim of misinformation and misguiding because of the lack of awareness of sexual education in society. with the intervention of Lord Shiva's messenger (Akshay Kumar), he decides to file a legal case against the school and everyone who misguided his son. The movie is about a one of it's kind court battle where Kanti blames school, self-certified doctor, chemist shop and himself for what his son has gone through without any of his faults.

OMG 2 takes its first past social messaging to the next level by focusing on the importance of sexual education in our society which is long ignored. The beauty of the movie it's amazing screenplay and direction by Amit Rai he makes sure that movie where it never loses track of what it wants to convey to the audience. It's a complicated subject that was handled beautifully with facts and argument which is part of our ancient culture.

Pankaj Tripathi stands out with one of his perfect performances of a naive father who argues his points to make his complex argument look simple. Yami Gautham as a defendant Lawyer has done a great job of putting strong arguments which was quite missing in OMG (2012). Akshay Kumar is simply amazing with his comic timing and the subtlety he brought in the character he plays which helped the story in crucial junctures. The movie has amazing humor moments around this serious topic like the court scene, the pun in our judicial systems which mostly talks in English, Kanti's innocent house wife and many more.

Overall OMG 2 is a great movie and put it message across beautifully to provoke thought among us for this important topic. A Must Watch!!

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