December 31, 2008

S1MONE (2002): Movie Review..... Exceptional Work...

S1M0NE (2002) Web:
Cast: Al Pacino, Catherine Keener, Rachel Robert, Winona Ryder Directed By: Andrew Niccole My Rating: 8/10

Before writing the review of this so un-conventional movie, I just want to put some of my thoughts about my expectation from any movies. I believe movie is all about entertainment and any person can be entertained by any types of movie provided the movies keep the viewer engrossed, curious throughout the movie and surprise him. Sometime its fun to watch unrealistic, impossible, fictional stories which makes you believe that it is so unreal – that yet can be done in real world. I personally never liked Lord of Rings, Chronicle of Narnia, Harry Porter kind of movies which was so unrealistic to ever imagine… but again always loved the movie like: Batman, Truman Show, Minority Report, Paycheck etc. This movie “S1M0NE” is also belongs to same league which make you say WOW…… if you like being futuristic and believe that technology can do anything to the mankind.
While browsing through Internet and various websites I just came across this movie called “S1M0NE” which just drawn my attention – and I immediately downloaded it. The main reason behind my attraction to this movie coz it casts my all time favorite Al Pacino and second this is been made by Andrew Niccole who has written great movies such as: Truman Shows, Terminal, Lord Of Wars etc.
This movie was released in 2002 and surprising never heard much about it in this part of the world, so I had no idea and no great expectation from this movie. Just thought to watch it for the sake of Al Pacino.
Just like Truman Show the plot of this movie is very original and it takes you to fantasy world which was so connected with real world. Just like Ed Harris of Truman Show this movie also portrays the passion and craziness of a creative artiste which is played by Al Pacino to bring revolution in entertainment business by create something virtually and merge it with the real world. I love computers so liked the concept and it certainly looked quite possible.

Al Pacino played the role of Viktor Taransky, a passionate film Director who is so driven by his creative wit. Movie starts with scene which shows a typical frustration faced by any movie director when his female lead star Nocola walks out by showing starry tantrums.
Fired by a studio exec who also happens to be his ex-wife (Keener), Taransky has to think fast if he's going to salvage his career and resurrect his flailing reputation.
Thankfully, the legacy of an oddball scientist (Elias Koteas) comes into play when Viktor discovers a computer programme that enables him to create a digital actress - a virtual film star, minus the temperament of the human variety.
Viktor's "synthespian", Simone, is soon a star. Adored by audiences, she even releases a single, but Viktor decides to keep her fakeness a secret, winding up in more trouble than she's worth.
From the writer of "The Truman Show", you'd expect some digs at the media industry, and "S1m0ne" sets itself up as a satire of star-worship and the shallowness of modern-day fame.
Simone herself is almost-living proof of how inaccessible modern stars are - nobody's seen her in the flesh, but they don't doubt her existence.
But while the script starts promisingly, it loses steam towards the middle and never really develops beyond attacking obvious targets - tabloid hacks, film studio execs, and sucker fans are all easy prey.
Viktor's relationship with his female alter-ego is the most amusing aspect of the film, with his web of lies slowly spinning out of control. It goes to such an extent when his wife started loving him again but yet can’t get him back into her life because of pseudo relationship between Viktor & Simone.

Driven to his wits' end trying to keep his secret, the bedraggled Pacino is up to his usual husky-voiced histrionics here. But even he fails to make this film as flawlessly realised as its computerised star. The struggle of Viktor with his own creation which is not real and further seeing that – the star “Simone” is become larger than him. He wanted to prove to the world his work of perfection and the fans, industry, media was all ga-ga over Simone. So finally he decides to destroy Simone through computer virus and tell the world that she died.
The climax is exceptional when cops arrests Viktor based on footage by CCTV cameras when Viktor was dumping Simone’s stuff in middle of oceans. He tried everything and yet couldn’t able to convince the world that she was not real.
You need to see this movie for the great climax sequence. The movie totally belongs to Al Pacino’s great performance. His craziness, anxieties & passions is exceptionally well presented and make you believe. There are few great sequences in the movie such as:
· When he creates S1M0NE and work on her voice, smile, skin tone using various beautiful actresses profile
· The preview of Viktor’s first movie when he was scared that people may find out that Simone is unreal
· Paparazzi sequences and how smartly he covers up and maintain the privacy of Simone
· His conversation with Simone
· Winona Ryder come back sequence
· And …. The climax
Its 2 in the morning and I am writing this as I loved it so much so thought to put it in words and post it in blog where I have been inactive for a long time.
So if you ever get chance to catch this flick …. Just don’t miss it. Its really different experience.

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