August 22, 2011

Anks Reviews: "Three Idiots" - Score (4/5)

Anks Reviews: "Three Idiots" - Score (4/5) - Another great movie by Aamir and good scripting & directions by Raju Hirani. No its not a "Five Point Someone" except the premise is same. Its yet another movie which touches social issue such as whether Knowledge is important or Grades. It is funny, witty, and full entertaining with bollywood ingredients. And yeah those who have studied engg or ever lived in hostel ... its a must watch... it will remind you those golden days... over all its a great movie.... but looking at Aamir's past movies and Raju's Lage Raho series... this score a bit less... i m being too critique coz Aamir & Raju are known being a perfectionist... do not miss it..

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