September 6, 2011

Anks Movie Review: "BOL" (3/5)

Anks Movie Review: "BOL" (3/5)

BolAnks Movie Review: "BOL" (3/5) - This movie is presented by same team who has made one of the great cinema- "Khuda Ke Liye". I was personally quite expecting a great movie out of Bol. Bol is a sad story of a woman who was about to get hang for killing her father. This story covers the pain and issues faced by women who comes to world and survive on tough islamic rules and rituals. It also showcase the exploitation and birth control issues of muslim women. It is indeed a bold movie saying a lot of truth even in current world. In one side they are showing orthodox group and fundalist and another end also showcasing progressive liberal family who has moved ahead in time.

Cinematically its a good movie, with strong story and perfomances but very slow and dragged. It is too stretched for people to hold interest. Its good movie to be watched at home or keep in DVD collection.

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