November 14, 2011

Anks Review – Rockstar (3.5/5)

Anks Review – Rockstar (3.5/5) – First of all, this movie is not about Music or Rock concept. This movie is a Love Story of a person Janardhan Jakhad “Jordan” played by Ranbir Kapoor who passionately wanted to be Rockstar and trying hard to find it’s way through and get entangled in unique love story. Likewise his previous movies, Imtiyaz Ali brought love angle in it’s unique way. The movie is fast paced in first half and build the ground very well but failed to connect it with Rockstar Persona of second half. The story is good, cinematography is excellent but it has a weak screen play. The movie could have been much better if Imtiyaz focused on build-up of “ROCKSTAR” image as in promos movie positioned as image of Rockstar not a run of the mill Love Story. However the performance of Ranbir Kapoor is commendable and he is really convincing at all stages that character of Janardhan Jakhad been through. Overall it is a good watch... especially when we are bombarded with movies like Ready, Bodyguard, Singham, Ra.One etc....

1 comment:

  1. got wasted my money by watching this crap movie.
    no story, no acting. the story goes no where.
    Watch at your own risk.