December 9, 2011

Thanks Maa [ * * * * * ] - One Of The Best Movie I Ever Watched

There are some movies which shake your inner-self to the core and make you think about the world you live in. The surrounding which has several dark layers and all of them are true. There are critics on other side which always cries fool about why some movie shows such darker side of Bombay (Mumbai) to world in movies such as Slumdog Millionaire, Split Wide Open, Salaam Bombay.. whereas Mumbai is much more of glitter and yeah our financial hub. But we can’t live in denial that this city also has such negative shades where a huge section of human society is exploited to unimaginable level.

I had given the review of this movie sometime before when I saw it in theatre, and I don’t know why when last night I was browsing through my movie collection; I picked up to watch it again and it inspired me to write a comprehensive blog on same.

Thanks Maa, is the story about a child whose name is Municipality Ghatkopar (no pun intended- that’s what the name given to him from several people at hospital where his own mom abandoned him) and his gang of friends name- Soda, Cutting, Sursuri, Dhed Shaana. Their names sounds funny but that what they have been known from birth and they adopted it. They are into multi-professions from shoe polish to pick pocketing to ticket black; whatever can give them some money to survive in this Maximum City. 

The story revolve around the character Municipality, who prefer to be called himself as “Salman Khan” one who he idolise, he works hard and searching for his mom who he thinks is waiting for him. He starts his search by bribing Alcohol to a Ghatkopar Municipality Hospital’s peon played by Raghuveer Yadav. He gets caught by cops for pick pocketing and produced to juvenile court and being put for remand in childcare centre for 3 months.  In childcare centre he realised the chief played by Alok Nath planning to sodomise him which makes him run away from that place. While on the run  from the reformatory, he finds and saves a two day old abandoned child from being prey to a ferocious street dog. Failing to find any takers among the people he deemed responsible & respectable, Municipality takes up the onus of finding the child's mother himself. Here onwards ensues his struggle in the urban jungle of Mumbai with just four of his friends from the streets - Soda (15), Sursuri (10), Cutting (8) & Dhed-shaana (6).

He start his search by locating the Taxi from which a women dropped that child which lead him to family men (played by Ranbir Shourie) who has called a prostitute at his home. That prostitute bought that child from government hospital ward boy who tells him about the real mother of child.

Municipality's rock steady determination ultimately helps him emerge a winner against all odds as he reaches the child's mother. And he gets disappointed when the child mother’s deny to accept him as that young lady was being sexually raped/molested by her own father. In the bargain, he loses his 'God like' & flawless image of a mother he used to anticipate in his dreams. A mother, who he hoped, would come searching for him someday at the Municipality Hospital, where he was abandoned 12 years back.
The film ends showcasing some of the real-life issues of abandoned children and the misery they face in their day to day lives. 

At the end of movie captions comes- “There are 11 children abandoned in this city while you were watching this movie”. The movie’s mainly revolve around child abandoned but reflects much darker side of society such as Child Molestations, Prostitutions, Child Abuse, Infidelity, women molestation etc. The movie is REAL to the core and also contains abusive languages.

The few amazing scenes of the movie are:

  • Municipality encounter at Children Home
  • His interaction with eunuch
  • The way he arranges milk for the baby from beer cane
  • Ripping off the lungi of a taxi guy
  • Their interaction with Parents who lost their baby 
  • The railway track scene with ward boy who steals babies
  • Municipality interaction with hospital in-charge and church's father
  • And Many More

This is a must watch movie to make you realise the bitter reality of city we live in- the movie is also available for Free on youtube. Do yourself a favour and watch it—at least it will change your perspective when you will look at these kids again on roads, begging, beaten & wasted. 

Watch it now !!!

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