December 22, 2011

When Brands Itself Represents The Product

Bisleri, VIP, Xerox, Cadbury’s, Coke, Colgate etc..... Are they most successful brands?

What could be the biggest success or pat in a back for any Marketing professionals? 

It could be simply when it’s Brand become synonyms to that of product; always on top of the tongue and top of the mind. Very well known and well identified- but does job of Marketing is limited to making brand heard or known very famously? 

There are instances that Brand Names become synonyms of product but the actual market share shows real figure. Brand name is no good if it’s leadership doesn’t reflects in market share.

Let me explain you few instances which we generally encounter. 
I was in restaurant in Goa and I asked a waiter- Can I have mineral water please?
He asked- Bisleri?
I said – Yes.
And he goes and gives me some local brand of mineral water.
I asked- Do you have Bisleri? 
He says- This is what I have with me.

I was wondering why does he mentioned Bisleri, according to him Mineral Water means Bisleri but Bisleri can be any other brand.

Also sometime back at another place, where I asked Bisleri and I was offered Kinley.
This is same thing we encountered with VIP, Parle, Coke, Amul, Xerox, Surf etc.

Marketing giants spends considerable amount of money in building brand but it’s leadership is totally depend upon the visibility of shelf; the Distributions. I mean how many of us can refuse to drink Cola if we ordered Coke and got Pepsi on other hand. Same thing when you are in groevry stores and you need Colgatre tooth-paste, but won’t hesitate to buy close-up if it is not available. The real picture is most of these brand is not even leader by market share or value.

However if your Brand has unique product offerings which can’t be replicated in terms of consumer experience then this may be great success. But we all Marketers know; unique offering is a myth and the more differentiation & unique positioning you able to convince the consumer the most successful your campaigns are.

So the mantra is not only limited to building the brand image to certain heights but back that image with distributions, promotional offers & continuous engagement with your consumer.

In this world “Jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai” is just not enough. 

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