February 21, 2012

Anks Movie Review: Bridesmaids (Comedy) - [3.5/5]

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Bridesmaids - Women with their rawness

I am not much into chick-flicks but watched this with some strong references such as this movie is cult of all chick-flick. The movie done amazing business at box office my raking moolaah of around $300 million.
The movie is about a single girl Annie, who is having a loser phase in her life, broke, having a boring job, nagging mom and the only interesting thing happening in her life is- her childhood friend Lillian's wedding. Annie is being asked to be Lillian's Maid Of Honor and looking at other bridesmaids Annie become over competitive to prove herself as she is the best and everything is under control. One of the Bridesmaids - Helen gives her tough over zealous competition and the movie is all about all goof ups and Annie's confrontation.
The movie is funny and has quite unique characterization. It is too raunchy to be a chick flick. Overall entertaining.....though quite american oriented humors and situations.

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