February 26, 2012

Anks Moview Review - The Artist (Romance/Drama) - [ 4 / 5 ]

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The Artist: Speechless Creativity & Art

The Artist is a silent movie & made by balck & white print, directed By: Michel Hazanavicius about a time of 1929 when Silent Movie was in verge of maturity and technology is bringing new Talkies Movies with fresh faces. The Silent Movie Artist - George Valentin played by Jean Dujardin was high on success and very pride personality about is  work and believes that Silent Movie is for real artist and talkies are for puppets. His producer friend decided to go talkies with fresh face Peppy Miller played by Berenice Bejo who was accidentally selected once by George only. George being stubborn put all his money, risk his wedding to make a silent movie called Tears Of Love and releases along with Peppy Miller's Talkies Movie- Beauty Spot. The movie doomed at box office brings George to bankruptcy while Peppy Miller was climbing new success and became a rage of Hollywood.

When George burns himself accidentally and landed himself in a hospital; Peppy runs at hospital to bring him home as she was in love with her. She in fact bought all his collectibles and was asking the production to recast him in new movie with her. When George realises this his Male Ego gets hurt and he tries to commit suicide when Peppy comes at right time to save him and confronts her love to him.
The movie ends when they both realises a new idea of making movie by making Musical and that's the time the sound comes in entire movie and credit starts rolling.

The Artist is a brave effort by its Director Michel to make entire movies in 1929 format and haisy black & white print with music reminds you of classic and all performance by actors silently without any dialogs. It proves, when you have a story to tell you really do not need words, the art can be conveyed beautifully by expressions of artist. The movie carries it's simplicity through out and shocks you, makes you smile and make you lost in this terrific love story.
Brilliant !!! I wish the movie all the best in Oscar for it's brave and innovative presentation and makes us lost in that era.

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