February 29, 2012

It's again Jingle All the Way !

In Indian Advertising, Jingle always been considered as soul of advertising and changes it's tones & expressions over the time. I still remember some great Jingle when I was kid such as-

…… Bhool na jaana, ECE Bulb laana ……
….. Tandurasti Ki Raksha, Karta Hai Lifebuoy …..
….. Kal bhi, aaj bhi, aaj bhi, kal bhi…..
….. Jab main chhota bachcha tha……
and the legend ….. Humara Bajaj ……

And then we witnessed a lot of technology & creative changes in advertising. We had seen the celebrity endorsement, cluttered breaking ads & emotional value ads. Jingle always work for the simple reason that India as a country are quite close to it’s affair with music & songs. But Jingle is very important from Advertising point of view to make your Brand remember in consumer’s mind. Sometimes we end up watching highly creative ads with very good film making & performance but it becomes hard to recall the brand names and sometimes even product. Consumer remembers the joke, artist, scene from the Ad but not the brand….that kind of advertising just a waste of money.

Jingle doesn't only set a unique identity to advertising but also helps brands to establish it on consumer mind and create longer impact. On addition, Jingles also helps to have advertising to other media extension such as TVC, Radio and Social Media. One Jingle can be aptly used across different media effectively & creatively.

In early 2000s we hardly seen much of new Jingle coming up except Cadbury’s, Nokia, Airtel but now I believe all top brands understand the significance of Jingle in effective communication and establishing the brand identity.
The Best Few Examples to todays Jingle’s are:

Hero Campaign

Airtel – Har Ek Friends Zaroori Hota Hai

Toyota Etios


* Video Source: Youtube.com

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