June 23, 2012

Gangs Of Wasseypur [Action / Drama] - (5/5)

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Gangs Of Wasseypur: The Bloody Revenge jo sabki kah ke lega

Gangs of Wasseypur (GOW) is a story of two groups within Muslim community in a small town during the british rule in india when coal mines were established. The film starts showing two rivalries between Qureshi & Pathans where the pathan Sajid Khan has been forced to leave Wasseypur with his pregnant wife to Dhanbad. There he starts working for Coal Mine's contractor Ramadhari Singh who eventually kills him as Sajid Khan was planning to overtake him. Sajid Khan's son Sardar Khan vows to take revenge from Ramadhari Singh and start forming gangs and looting Ramadhari Singh's establishments and becomes a biggest goon in that area. The revenge story goes from generation from British rule to 70s and then 90s and also on backdrop shown how wasseypur and their people's life got affected whereas the rivalry stayed as it was.
There is not Hero or Good or Bad reference in the movie. The movie depicts the true social color of a society at different times and it's transformation. The USP of movie is it's characterization and the way every cast has given justice to it. The role which stands out is of course Manoj Bajpai and Richa Chaddha as Nagma. The movie shown shades of grey, love, lust, fear in each characters. The other amazing performance was a pleasant surprise by a great filmmaker Tigmanshu Dhulia who played Ramadhari Singh. I must say each everyone even in smaller avatar was at their best.
The another integral part of movie is the story telling, editing, background score, OST which was perfect with the scenes and yes not to miss the cinematography & all the location which is used while making this movie.
This really takes Anurag Kashyap to next level and the movie shows the hard work & honesty he put in making this movie.
Gangs Of Wasseypur is anytime can be rated as Cult and it is going to be one of the Bollywood Classic.

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  1. awsome movie just watched it its two steps ahead from first part real cinema by real director who dont take help of foreign location and expensive dresses hats of anurag sir