June 10, 2012

Shanghai [ Political / Drama ] - (3.5/5)

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Shanghai : Dream City with Ugly Reality

Shanghai is film based on Greek novel "Z" and directed by Dibaker Banerjee who has given various great movies such as Khosla Ka Ghosla, Oye Lucky, Lucy Oye!! and LSD. The movie is about Bharat Nagar where the chief minister and political clout would like to develop a modern city and International Business Park by displacing the houses of common people. Dr. Ahmadi another political activist is against the CM's idea and hence he is attacked by a mini truck while protesting. Abhay Deol plays a bureaucrats who is selected by CM to investigate the attack on Dr. Ahmadi. Kalki plays Ahmadi's friend, follower and Emraan a small time journalist cum video grapher cum porngrapher.

Do not expect dramatic twist and turns & aggression as the movie is made very real and it develops in you slowly. Also there are certain sequences and pieces which you have to connect intelligently. Every characters in the movie is portrayed in perfect manner as real as people around us and you will love all of them.

Whether it's character of IAS officer played by Abhay Deol or character of Principle Secretory by Farooque Sheikh or character of Chief Minister by Supriya Pathak or Video Grapher - Emraan Hashmi or even small characters such as Morcha's worker "Bhagu" played by Pitobash Tripathy; it has neatly defined and connected.

The movie run with it's own motion and effectively captured the conspiracy theory and political games at all levels and how it is affecting our country and society at large. It is not loud but effectively communicate the issues and messaging. Everyone performed with superb merit and direction is flawless. This movie cut across art & commercial cinema and makes you think. It is indeed an intelligent cinema.

It is a good watch. 

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