March 8, 2014

Queen - [ Drama / Comedy ] - (5/5)

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Queen - Self Discovery Of A Kind

Really delighted to watch such a fabulous movie. Queen is movie about Rani played by Kangana Ranaut who is been rejected by his fiancé two days before marriage. To tackle her sadness she goes to Paris which transforms her life. In Paris, Rani discovers a new life with care free adventurous girl Vijayalakshmi which helps her to discover what she herself was missing in life. Her journey in Paris and Amsdertdam where she stays with three strangers as room-mates from different nations makes her realise her worth and choices she needs to make in her life.
The movie is well directed and been entertaining throughout. The movie sends strong message to Indian society and millions of girls who are worth queen for themselves. Kangana has given her best performance and taken herself to new league of acting. Vikas Bahl is flawless in his direction and movie provides a perfect story telling.
This movie is based around fun & entertainment has done more to feminism than anything else around.

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