April 22, 2014

Why I am supporting Narendra Modi?

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Why I am supporting NaMo?

Well, I have been most apolitical person but euphoria of 2014 General Election has got me into it’s wave and after being bombarded with several views and counter views I thought to put my blog as some group of people think I have little bit Power of Persuasion.

First of all let me clarify that principally, I do not support any party and according to me all are same, they just try to position hard by taking one ideological stands but in the background all are same. Like Congress always position themselves as party for Poor, BJP for Hindutva and now development, SP for Muslims, BSP for Dalits, Shiv Sena and MNS for Marathis, AAP for anti-corruption etc, however they all have same hidden agenda except AAP who is quite a new in this game to even have any agenda.

I support BJP or NDA or you can call MODI because I want change and I want stable change. It is tried and tested that if you bow to monopoly or chose same group your leader again and again irrespective of their failure, non performance, inefficiencies, they will have tendency to get arrogant and assume that they have right to do anything they want as they are repetitively chosen one. The last 10 years of UPA government done quite a lot of things wrong which made the country really suffered with various scams, corruptions, backwardness, inflation, as well as social imbalance. In today's time we have to have strong competition to keep the others on the edge that ruling government is not a cake walk and they must have fear to be thrown out. Now the debate comes whether NDA or Modi is best alternative or not; and I feel strongly in favour of them because they are only capable political party at national level who has ability to provide stability and strong leadership which is the need of an hour. Also, if I see individual performance of each states governed by BJP rule like Gujarat, Chhatisgarh, Bihar (most tenure was run with ally), MP, Goa, Karnataka (even Yedurappa fiasco, Punjab etc the state did quite good in another areas); I am optimistic especially when I see dismal performance of state like Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Assam, AP, Kerala who suffered a lot by the misrule.

Regarding AAP I agree as new idea and my mind & hearts are still with them but again democratic political structure is all about numbers where you need 272+ MPs in one side to form a stable government irrespective of even you have fought against each other. AAP may have great ambition, however they are not ready to provide stable majority and on top of that they have to prove them self on all promised and big claims they are making at least first by running any state which they miserably mis-managed when they had opportunity to govern Delhi state.

I think Modi will work well for India only because he has a lot riding on his name and he has to perform to prove how he can fair in those expectation. He has challenge to remove all corruptions that came as legacy from UPA & deliver on his own branded Development model and even if he does a portion of it, it would be good for country in larger interest. He will have tough time to even deviate from anything good as he will have AAP who will be nagging even in minute issues and Congress up in arm to find any mistake. At last NDA has good team to leaders to head ministries and this government would be last chance for them to work as best to stay longer in Power because they like it or not, AAP is going to be more challenging in 2019 which compel them to perform for people.

As far as this so called “Secularism” is concern I do not think any party in India is secular and everyone side their own favourites and every one of them are responsible for some of the other riots and NDA can’t afford to malign themselves in another such fury.

Lastly I believe Change is always good and we need change with stability; be it Congress, BJP or AAP we need National Party with competitiveness and accountability for long term growth for our country.

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