February 21, 2015

Foxcatcher - [ Biography, Drama, Sports ] - (4/5)

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Foxcatcher - Death Of Sport

Foxcatcher is a biographical true story produced and directed by Bennett Miller. The film's plot is based on multimillionaire E.I. du Pont family heir and wrestling enthusiast John E. du Pont (Stave Carell) who is wrestling enthusiast and run a sport academy called Foxcatcher to train american wrestlers for Olympics. du Pont hires Olympic gold medallist US wrestlers Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and his older brother, Dave (Mark Ruffalo), to help coach US wrestlers for participation in National, World, and Olympic competition. The movie is about clash of personalities between Mark and du Pont where Dave tries to help his brother to not to let him broken by series of incidents between several Olympics matches and the conflicts among them which led to subsequent murder of Dave by du Pont.

It’s a very well made movie and it will shock you with it’s true storyline. Bennett Miller direction makes characters and incident more than a real and Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo will delight you with their excellent performance. Channing Tatum who is well known for it’s commercial movies is fabulous in his role as Mark Schultz. It’s a great watch.

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