March 14, 2015

Chappie - [ Science Fiction / Action ] - (4/5)

Image Source: Columbia Pictures

Chappie - More than Human

Chappie is an Sci-Fi movie directed by Neil Blomkamp. The movie is setup in backdrop of Johannesburg, where in effort to fight crime and reduce human life loss the police department deploys armored Robots from weapon manufacturing company Tetravaal. Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) is inventor of these robots praised for Tetravaal's success and his colleague Vincent (Hugh Jackman) feel jealous against Deon after funding is cut for his own attach robots. Deon was also working on making software which can make Robot mimics the human mind but doesnt get permission from his CEOs to test the AI on robot body so he steals one damaged robots which was about to be scrapped.
In the meanwhile Ninja and Yolandi who are local gangster kidnaps Deon and ask him to provide remote control which can dispable robots and finds robot body in Deon's car. They force Deon to activate robots which he does by installing his new AI software and Yolandi names that robot as Chappie which behaves like human baby. The movie is about Chappie's emotions and the struggle he goes through in human society where human can go to any extent to exploit each others as well as machines.

Like his previous movies District 9 and Elysium, Neil Blomkamp has unique fascination about making movies to question the humanity by bringing elements like Alies and Robots and he is exceptional and creative in doing so. Chappie is well made movie and keeps on the edge and make you connect with emotions shown by Chappie on his growth as a baby in the bad bad world.
You will love Chappie and it's a must watch movie.

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