April 23, 2015

Court - [ Drama ] - (4/5)

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Court - The Legal Eagle

Court is multi-linguistic (Marathi) drama directed by Chaitanya Tamhane depicting the judicial system of our country. Narayan Kamble (Vira Sathidar) is a 65 year old poet who usually writes poetry on social issues and recites his poems in local festivals and function across various slum areas in Mumbai. He get arrested by Mumbai Police on charges of abetment of suicide of a sewage workers who dies inside the manhole while working. The police argument is that the Sewage workers committed suicide after listening to his song on apathy of sewage cleaners. The movie is about how a common man gets trapped in court case for years while being reminded in jail based on certain age old laws and legal loop holes.
The movie covers court and characters involved in court case from all aspects such as typical life of Defence Lawyer, Public Prosecutor, Judge as well as accused and society as a whole. It scares you that how anything which can affect an innocent person’s life who is under trial for years and no one is sensitive about it.

It’s wonderful movie which shows real picture of Indian Legal System and the director gone extra length to make it look so real in celluloid. This movie is not for people who seek masala entertainment but for those who appreciate serious cinema.

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