July 1, 2015

MN+ : Finally a movie channel for movie lovers who likes to watch content rich movies

I always used to have complain from Hollywood Movies Channels in India who always keeps on running Hollywood blockbuster movies for infinite numbers of times as they understand that's what audience wants with repeat and repeat broadcast. With Oscar Awards and some festival PR we started getting meaningful and critically acclaimed cinemas but again not in the prime time and lost in clutter among these big blockbusters.

Thanks to Times Network who has realised the need of niche viewers who would like to watch a quality cinema at any time of convenience on it's new Movie Channel MN+ Gold Class.

 As an avid movie lover I was delighted to be part of launch of this channel where their Marketing Head explained us about the purpose of this channel in details. Indian Television is already cluttered with popular shows and programs, and by popular I mean highly commercialised with least of artistic essence and the same is being carried over on movies which is annoying especially most of these quality movies doesn't even make it up to movie theater.

With MN+ I believe now as a viewer can anticipate that what movie channel a real movie lovers can watch and also place a request to MN+ team with the movies they will be interested to watch.

I have also made a suggestion to MN+ team, that in our country we are deprived to watch Oscar nominated movie before the Oscar Awards and even after post Award ceremony, most of the movies just can't make it to theatre. It would be great if MN+ try to source those movie from respective studios.

On the face of it, MN+ looks like a great idea for movie lovers, lets see the kind of movies they have lined up for us.

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