August 22, 2011

Anks Review - "Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year" - (4/5)

Let me confess that writing is always a boring for me, esp with so much of typos and grammatical mistakes coz I am too lazy to look back and check what I wrote however I can't stop myself to write about something which inspires me and would love to share it with my friends.

Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year, which I just saw yesterday and it really put me in thoughts that how with the time Indian youth had evolved as well changing dynamically with fast growing business economic and competitive scenario and yet coping up with stress & challenges which they facing with today's corporate culture.

First let me make it clear that this is a very simple movie and I do not want to build up any extra ordinary high expectation from this movie. If you look from Bollywood Point Of View -- it misses a lot of key ingredients such as songs n dance, great locales, melodrama, elements of surprise, twists and turns ..... but what it offers you a great story, realistic characters & superb performances. On face of it- its look like more of documentary than any typical bollywood movie. If you like movies such as Pursuit Of Happiness, Cinderella Man, A View From The Top ... you will love this.

Its a story about a typical indian middle class guy next door - Harpreet Singh Bedi, a mediocre student, who is happy with 38% marks which he scored in Bcom and knows what he can do and what he can't. The premises that if you cannot become anything, the only easy job left is to do sales but the truth is Sales is probably the toughest job in the planet. Harpreet knows that he may not be very intelligent & scholars but he has the power of persuasion, negotiation and conversation. The way the movie moves from him giving his interview, from taking induction on the field and managing colleagues inside his office to form his own business while being in current job.... its done superbly.

Harpreet is true to his roots, god fearing lovable sardar who understands ethics, integrity and refuse to compromise on that. In movie when he comes across the bribing culture of purchase manager where he denies to pay the kickback to one of his first clients & make his complaints in his office letter box which eventually lands him in a trouble from his bosses. He is been told time n again that he is big failure, loser, a real Big ZERO and cannot do any kind of job in today's world. The office staffs started playing pranks on him by throwing paper Rockets. Instead of giving it up he wanted to prove all of them wrong and takes up the dishonest path to prove his point that he is no more a loser and business can be built up that too much more successfully with ethics & honestly. He takes up a wrong path by taking orders in the name of his own formed company "Rocket Sales". He was doing it, not to make money but to avenge his humiliation and tell the world that he isn't a zero or a fool.

He teams up with his like minded office people "item girl" receptionists, the peon who can assemble PC, the porn king "service engineer" and forms his own company with equal partnership. He was fearless and committed. Rather than taking typical path of achieving numbers blindly he focuses on human value, customer relationship and understanding typical indian consumer psyche- which is anything with Value For Money.

Harpreet Singh represents today's youth who wants things to change from typical bureaucratic setup to performance oriented setup. For him the commitment and honesty is the prime thing. A man of honor who builds up an ever lasting relationship with his simplicity & humbleness.

This is probably one of the best movie for this year. Jaideep Sahni has done a great work as writer and thats what the most strong point of this movie which a great story. As a director Shimit Amin has done great job of story telling by focusing on story on rather than adding typical bollywood ingredients. I am a big fan of Shimit Amin as this is his third movie after two great movies such as: Ab Tak Chhappan & Chak De India.

Ranbir Kapoor is indeed a next big thing of Indian Cinema. He has matured as an actor and proved it time and again with great movies such as Wake Up Sid, Rocket Singh. I loved all key charactes of movie esp Gauhar Khan, Character Nitin, Prem Chopra, D Santosh and yeah Puri ... he was awesome.

And not to miss great dialogs such as:
* Risk toh spiderman bhi leta hai... main toh phir bhi salesman hoon
* Aapne hamesha number aur target dekha .. maine logon aur unke khusiyon ko dekha.... sir jab aapke log aur customers khush rahenge toh number apne aap badhne lagte hain
* Customer ???? arre uske toh naam mein hi "MER" likha hai ....
* Har insaan mein do quality hoti hain... ek upar jaane ki aur doosra neeche aane ki; in mein se jo quality jeet jaati hai wohi uske saath hota hai... tumhein kahaan jaana hai? upar ki neeche ...

And many more....

Go and watch it if you like intelligent cinema......

- Anks

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