August 22, 2011

Anks DVD Review: "I Love You, Man" - Score (2.5/5)

Anks DVD Review: "I Love You, Man" - Score (2.5/5) - Its interesting that if you love someone what all kinda weird pressure one has to go through. I thought it was just another romantic flick but it turned out to be a typical dude movie ;-)... darned funny... and yeah I personally know few ppl in real who is like the main lead character. It is a movie about a sweet guy who is in love but insecure coz he doesn't even have single best male friend... and to his horror he find a BEST man for himself who is quite a wild.... Good humor..... not a very great movie.. but worth a DVD watch..... funny... and I am glad that I have like quite a lot best buddies ;-)

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