December 12, 2011

“इक ओंकार” & My Dilemma Of Morning Alarm

Sometime two years ago, it was early in the morning & my morning alarm from my mobile was ringing, I hate that alarm typical alarm tone by Nokia. So I decided to put some favourite song of mine as morning alarm and after going through some of the number I finalised on “U2’s – Saints are coming”. It was there for nearly few months and later when I was in one of the pub and they were playing this song. The song which I used to enjoy suddenly made me uncomfortable & my mind starts getting irritated, It sounded annoying coz somehow I was getting feeling of getting up in the morning and I am not a morning person at all. I realised I am being impatient and needs be calm and control my irritation and yes.... I was further looking out for some music which can soothe me and wakes me up in spiritual way... I don’t know what the spiritual way is... but I was not happy with my morning alarm.

I was undecided what could be my next wake-up alarm and of course I did not want to sacrifice my any other favourite songs. Can you imagine even these details can make you think hard and of course this is a choice you want to make which will somehow affect your everyday life. You can say – I could have opted what universally being adopted – Beeps or Trrrings.... but again I hate that sound, it somehow never given me flavour that I am going to have a nice day ahead. This is not superstitious but I seriously believe if you don’t wake up well you will have negative vibes around you which may spoil your day. Those days were blessed when I got up of my own without alarm, I really feel great about it and then sometimes the laziness makes me feel happy while looking at the watch—Wow, I still have half an hour more to sleep, but that happiness doesn’t last long as, more I try to sleep for next half hour I usually fall sleep between 25th-26th minute and boom after 5 minutes alarm rings. I anyway hate getting up early in the morning with alarm and on the flip side I hate more for being late to office or anywhere I was expected to be on any particular time.

So coming back to what soundtrack should I select for my Morning Alarm and it happened finally when I was in hometown Jamshedpur for my Diwali Holidays. That’s the only time I just put off my alarm and I can sleep leisurely as much as I want to; its like my typical Saturday-Sunday where I only wakes up when the door bell rings. In Jamshedpur, I don’t even need to answer the doorbell and my room is anyway sound proof to hear that. So, it was one morning where for some reason my bedroom’s door in Jamshedpur was partially opened and TV was on in another room and I heard the chanting of “Ik Onkaar” the one which was used in the movie Rang De Basanti. The sound was low but it was working in my sleeping mind and it woke me up... and I felt good that morning. I immediately realised- Oh Yes, this is my morning alarm. I am hindu, remotely religious, hardly visit the temple, and I decided to have “Ik Onkaar” as my morning alarm a sacred guru mantra used by Shikh Religion in Gurudwara and their Prayers.
And yes, it has other benefits for me like:
  •        It’s not my favourite song which I usually listen to it normally
  •          It can never be played in Pub to make me feel like as someone is trying to wake me up
  •          It is soothing and has amazing voice of “Harshdeep Kaur”, I googled her name just before writing this blog, And I am sure it somehow spreads good message

I don’t want to sound religious but when you get up early in morning listening to it, it really levels your mind down, reduces stress & irritation even if have not slept well. It’s been 2 years I am using it and now I want to change it to the next one........may be Chanting Of Buddha Mantra or any suggestions?

Have a nice wake-up & God Bless :-) .

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