December 24, 2011

Anks Movie Review: Don 2 [ * * 1/2 ]

The Heist Story Of Returned King (Don 2)
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 Anks Movie Review: Don 2    

When you really had the enough of non-sense and stupidity from all SRK's movie, finally one movie emerges which can establish SRK as good actor. Don 2 is exactly such kind of movie. 
Don 2 is well directed movie by Farhan Akhar where he managed to script a very nice story by keeping personality of Don intact. Don 2 starts from right that moment where prequel has ended. In this movie Don wanted to be a free man while negotiating with Interpol for his immunity in Germany in lieu of giving names of all dug lords and their businesses details. To achieve this he get back with his old aid Vardhaan from Malaysian jail and plan a heist to steal Euro Currency Plates from a central bank in Berlin, Germany.
The movie has brilliant action sequences and quite intriguing revelation of suspense during the climax. The first half built's up slowly and the heist planning and execution during second half is real top notch. The movie belongs completely to Farhan Akhtar for his story writing, dialogs and direction. All action sequences and stunts shows that bollywood movies are really taken itself to its next level in movie making.
However, there are few flaws in the movie and I believe the movie could have been more edited as a lot of sequences were not so important which made a movie a bit slow and drag while watching, esp Don's affection with Roma.  
Overall it is a good watch. And yes I have feeling that Farhan Akhtar may introduce Hritik Roshan in Don 3 as leading actor. That will be indeed a delight to see.

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