December 26, 2011

A Hilarious Christmas Eve At Comedy Store

Stand Up Comedy by Ashish Shakya, Praveen Kumar & Tanmay Bhat @ The Comedy Store, Mumbai
The Comedy Store, Mumbai has been in my agenda for very long and for some of the other reason every time my plans of going there was getting canceled. I was wondering what to do this Sunday which was also happen to be a Christmas, so thought of going to The Comedy Store to attend the stand-ups of three comedian which was totally unknown to me.
As usual because of Mumbai traffic I was late by 25 min. for the show. Surprisingly we got seats at the second row and caught attention of performing comedian "Ashish Shakya" who asked us- Welcome, welcome we would have always waited for you. By the way you must be coming from exterior of Mumbai such as Dahisar, Borivali. I said- "Thane, We coming from Thane!" and he said - "Welcome to the Civilisation !"; audience burst with laughter and the evening started.

The evening was full of laugh and all three were superb. 
Ashish Shakya who was also the MC, a north Indian brought up in Mumbai and full with wittiness and slapstick humor. His jokes varied from Single Frustrated Men to Delhi Boys & Delhites, Anna and to politicians and face off between north indian and mumbaikars.
Second Comedian was Praveen Kumar, a banglored based Tamilian Comedian. He was ok, not very loud and given a nice punch line jokes on South Indians, Rajni Kanth & Jokes of all time- Jokes about being married.
Third was a young comedian, who is still attending college; Talwar (I forgot his first name), he had five minute performance; full of raunchy & making fun of abusive languages that we learn in school.
The final act by Tanmay Bhat was really a superb and most delightful. He was really mind blowing and most funny among all. Some of his jokes and punch line was really up to the standard of Russell Peter. He made a jokes on Celebrations & Festivals in India, Jokes on Foods, Mumbai vs. Delhi and Gujaratis.
I am so tempted to write some jokes here but I think that will lose it charm by just putting it in words. 

If you are in Mumbai and not visited The Comedy Store, you are really missing alot and non-mumbai-ites if you have plan to visit mumbai must put The Comedy Store in your to-do list. It has a very nice bar and nice collection of cocktails. It also has souvenir store and cafeteria.

To be up-to-date with their programs do visit - .  
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