January 2, 2012

Anks DVD Review: "Mujhse Fraandship Karoge" (Romantic Comedy) [ * * * 1/2 ]

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Okay, I had given this one a miss but thought to watch it on recommendation by Mr. Rajeev Masand and I was not disappointed at all. This is very fresh movie with youth appeal and strike the chords perfectly.
The movie starts with a character Vishal who is funny and always playing pranks by using social media tools to his college mates. She meets a hot girl Malavika on a rock concert of his Rockstar friend Rahul. Vishal was stunned by Malavika's beauty sends her a facebook friend request which is being turned down by Malvika. Hoping she would not turn down the friend request of his Rockstar image friend he sends her another friend request from Rahul's id. On the other side Preity who lives with Malavika accept the friend request on behalf of Malavika as she liked Rahul's song... and they started to chat without knowing the person at other end. In real life Vishal & Preity hated each other as they were working on a college project but started developing parallel feelings for each other. The chatting on facebook with different id's leads to confusion and confrontation at the end in quite sweeter way.
The movie has good sequences, comin timing and each characters are convincing. Even the college setup is quite real which we fail to establish in any bollywood movies. It has a fresh approach and nicely handled movie. If you get opportunity don't miss this as we hardly get to see a good teenage movie these days.

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