January 3, 2012

Anks DVD Review: "BubbleGum" (Comedy/Drama) - [ * * * * ]

Image Source: Hindifilmnews.com

Oh Boy! Wonder why lately some cool & classy movies depicting teenage phase is coming off on backdrop of Jamshedpur. I was watching this movie on a recommendation and on first scene itself got excited to see my school building of Jamshedpur in this. 

Bubble Gum is a story of family set in era of 1980 in Industrial Town Jamshedpur - an era when there was no TV, Internet, mobile & facebook.. even Telephones were available with very few families. The main character of this movie is a 14 year old Vedant who has just stepped out of childhood and has not yet stepped into adulthood. The plot setup in phase where he is going through turbelent phase of life in his academically critical year of 9th grade while simultaneously he falls into his first love or rather infatuation and his realtionship with own family where parents are giving much attentions & care to his handipcapped brother and his world upside down finally leading him to discover the meaning of love, life, relationship in a posotive way. The movie meticously covers the teenagers emotions, his attention seeking desires, competitiveness and determinations. Every character is so real to the life especially the role of parents played by Sachin Khedekar & Tanvi Azmi is excellent.

It's a story that is highly relatable and indentifiable as we all have been 15! We all have gone through that phase of life! Its a film which promises to take each of us down the memory lane... a film that promises to make everyone nostalgic about their childhood. I am sure for teenagers of today this movie will look strange as in our childhood- we used to roam entire town in our bi-cycle, the moment we are back from school we are always outside playing kabaddi, footballs, crickets, we used to organise things like holika, ganesh puja, saraswati puja of our own and to talking to any girl was like real couragoes thing to do.
This is highly recommended to all of those who grown up in their teenager in 80s. A real great movie.

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