January 6, 2012

Jism 2: Why Mahesh Bhatt & Sunny Leone makes sense for each other !

Image Source: HindustanTimes.com

Well there is news being roaming around since from the time Indian Origin American Based Pornstar Sunny Leone landed in India for her Bigg Boss that Mahesh Bhatt is eyeing her for leading role in Jism 2. It was quite evitable that this news will create sensation especially when you imagine the genre that Bhatt is following with his idea of portraying women in roles and the extent Sunny Leone can go with her No Holds Bar which most of bollywood actress can chickened out on a thought of it.

Let’s look at Mahesh Bhatt’s history in filmmaking; he is in the industry for quite long and he has given really great movies but off late he just stereotyped by copying international movies & twisting it and only focus on titillation to create curiosity before movie and then makes decent money by casting low cost star & targeting audience who are looking for some titillation like soft porn in mainstream Hindi cinema. 

He is indeed a creative genius when you talk about some great movie he given which are: Arth, Saraansh, Naam, Dil hai ki manta nahin, Sadak, Hum hain raahi pyaar ke, Zakhm etc. And there are series of movie from Bhatt camp which is scene by scene; and dialog by dialog copy from Hollywood movies. While doing all this thriller and eroticism Bhatt created two big brand of erotic thriller which is Jism & Murder both copied from Hollywood mediocre movies such as: Body Heat & Unfaithful, however in India both were commercially success movie and given birth to two sex siren of our time Bipasha & Mallika. Though both actress moved on in their career, and later Bhatt created Murder 2 (copied from The Chaser) with Jacqueline Fernandez who he was not happy as like Mallika she also chickened out in doing certain scene which was too hot to handle. Now he is working on Jism 2 and he knows “Jism” has a great brand pull with what Bipasha had done eight years ago. He may be not bothered about story as he can develop story form any hot angled hollywood erotic tales, what he need a female lead which can create sensation and huge hype; may be not only in India but also abroad. Mahesh Bhatt was eyeing Sunny Leone not only now but sometime back in 2005 when Sunny jsut started her stint in Porn Industry with the movie- Kalyug which was about exposing MMS & Porn Industry. That role probably was most apt for Sunny but Sunny denied as she claimed $1 million for same which was too much for Bhatt to give it to Sunny.

Now Sunny Leone is much bigger as a celebrity and for Bhatt also stakes are high with Jism 2. It is not confirmed how much Sunny is offered for Jism 2 but Mahesh Bhatt knows casting Sunny will give his movie huge popularity and media hype as Sunny Leone while in Big Boss was most googled celebrity in India after Katrina Kaif.

So Sunny Leone makes Sense for Jism 2 for following reason:
  • Sunny Leone is very popular and can set right expectation for the audiences which Bhatt wants to build up with Jism 2
  • Sunny won't have inhibition to shed clothes to any extent and do any scene in movie
  • She will also help Bhatt to launch movie with international audience
For Sunny Leone it makes right sense
  • She knows porn is short term career and she needs to get into mainstream which she tried while doing Hollywood Movie like "The Virginity Hit", Jism 2 will give her edge in mainstream movie
  • Jism 2 will also open doors for her to other Bollywood movie which may want to explore eroticism in Hindi Cinema
  • If she improved her acting she may get some chance in Hollywood through her contacts and popularity there.
So overall this is best fit for both and yes as audience we don't mind it at all to explore this new side of mainstream hindi cinema.

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