March 9, 2012

Anks Movie Review: Good Night, Good Morning (Drama/Romance) - [ 4 / 5 ]

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Good Night | Good Morning: The Dream Call

Good Night, Good Morning is an independent Indian film made with black and white, split-screen conversation as a backdrop theme, its a film about two strangers sharing an all-night phone call on New Year's night in New York. The movie starts with casual phone call where a group of boys are on road trip and looking up for some fun over calling a stranger woman whom whom they saw at some Hotel's Bar earlier that night. The conversation starts with cheecky pickup lines and continue while both trying to know more about each other and they started discussing their life much in deep and ideas of Old Book of Romancing and pace & challenges which any couples come across in realistic world.
The movie is very realistic and the dialogs are superb to get you involved in movie where there is only two person talking on phone through out. The high and low of relationship, confrontation, realisation portrayed in excellent way. This proves that if one has a great idea or story to tell; no body needs high budget, great star.
Quite a good movie for it's simplicity.

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