March 10, 2012

Anks Movie Review: Kahaani (Drama/Thriller) - [4/5]

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Kahaani - A Woman On Top

"Kahaani" is a superb crafted thriller by Sujoy Ghosh, a story about a pregnant woman Vidya Bagchi played by Vidya Balan who has arrived at Kolkata city in search of her lost husband. While she was in search of her lost husband she discovers her husband doesn't have any idendity and the story leads her to find a mysterious IB Agent who was involved in a catastrophic event happened two years back. The movie unfolds the thriller and has a great shocking & suspense element in it.

The basic problem with any suspense thriller is that- it has a lot of lose end or loop holes which is always overlooked while making such movie. Sujoy not only handled the such complex screenplay amicably and he connected all missing dots effectively handled the suspense / climax in best way. The movie keep you engross from it's first scene and allow you to run your mind for every possible climax. The story is superb, the background sound is keeping you inside the movie and cinematography of Kolkata city with camera moving every nuke and corner were handled perfectly. The supporting cast really compliment the story and makes it look good and real.

The star of movie is Vidya Balan who has proved that she has a knack of choosing right movie and give her best in her every role.  She is indeed the best actress around and can handle whole movie on her own shoulder.
Just Go For It !!

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