May 8, 2012

Jannat 2 : [Action/Drama] (2/5)

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Jannat 2: Kutti Kamini Cheez, Literally
Well, I had really low hope from this movie and by looking at it's posters with Emraan Hashmi standing on so much of arms, it looked a copy of Lord Of War. I am glad the movie is original not a hollywood rip off and may that's where thing gone wrong. This is a movie about small time arms dealer Sonu Dilli played by Emraan and his love life which has no logic and full of lies and errors. They have strong character of a cop played by Randeep Hooda who has taken self assignment to end the illegal arms supply because he wants to take revenge of his wife's death which happened in firing by illegal arms. Movie has bad guys which is not at all smart. Still movies moves in slow pace and make you sit in hope there would be something great coming. The movie is lame and just an average watch. The ending is slick however with lots of loop holes in plot.
Emraan and Randeep shines and Esha's cleavage acted better than her.
An Average Movie.

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