April 28, 2012

Anks Review: Vicky Donor [Comedy] - (4/5)

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Vicky Donor: Fully Fertile
This is a pleasant surprise. Ofcourse the word of mouth and twitter trending helped to watch this movie which is lost in too much cluttered marketing of big budget movie.

Vicky Donor (Ayushman Khurana) is Romantic Comedy and an un-conventional movie with real life humor and flavors. Vicky Arora is an average jobless Delhi guy who loves cricket and vellapanti and looking out for job. Being rejected by many job interview he is been identified by Dr. Chadda (Annu Kapoor) who is infertility specialist and wanted Vicky to be sperm donor. He eventually convince him for the job which is taboo for indian society and when later Vicky finds out his love and try to hide his identity as sperm donor.
Finally he gets married and finds out that his wife can never be able to conceive any baby and life goes through emotional turmoil when he confronts that he was a sperm donor. 

The movie is very original and managed the humor & emotions meticulously. It makes you laugh all through it and nothing is in excess or over board.

The best part of movie is performance of Ayushman as vicky, Dr. Chaddha by Annu Kapoor and all the unique characters which makes Delhi look more real. Especially Vicky's family and the relationship between his mother Dolly and Grand Mother who was simply funny and superb.
The scene where Bengali vs. Punjabi comparison and the wedding was really out of the world experience.
The direction of Shoojit Sircar is perfect and dialogs are so real to the characters. It is wonderful to see such low budget movie with great story telling capability.

A Must Watch.

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