July 6, 2013

The Croods - [ Animation ] - (4/5)

Image Source: Shockya.com
The Croods - Stone Age Evolution

The Croods is an animated comedy about a family which is called croods who are left over in stone age living in caves. Grug who is head of family always afraid of changes and trying new things imposes his rule in his family and protect them from wild outside world. His daughter Eep is always curious about outside world and try to find new things beyond the defined rules of his dad Grug. She meets "The Guy" who is smart, inventive and adventurous. The world was about to end and The Guy suggest to move to other side of mountain and follow lights which was not acceptable to Grug. This entire movie is about their fun-filled journey.
This movie is really funny, very cute and amazing characterisation. The most marvellous thing about this movie is art direction and the animated world they created out of stone age. Emma Stone, Nicholas Cage and Ryan Reynolds were superb with their voices.
I loved it and looking forward for it's sequel. Must Watch.

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