June 25, 2013

Raanjhana - [ Romance ] - (4/5)

Image Source: Oneindia.in
Raanjhana : Priceless Love

Wow, after quite sometime we got to see some great romantic hindi films which makes you smile, laugh, and sorry about the character Kundan played by south superstar Dhanush. Raanjhana is one man movie of Dhanush and he has justified the character so well as if this movie was made by keeping only him in mind.
The story start at picturesque in Banaras where Kundan (played by Dhanush) fell in love with Zoya (played by Sonam Kapoor) and he proposed her after 7 years of chase. The movie is simplistic and all characters are real life characters. The movie has love angle, exploitation in the name of love and friendship along with politics and drama. First half of movie shows the love craziness from childhood to the time they grew up and second half is politics and tragicness. It has mix of everything.
The best part of this movie is it's unpredictability, the way it moves you will see surprises it throws in next scene. Not only Dhanush every character in the movie performed flawlessly. Even Sonam Kapoor looked matured in her acting and not to miss Md. Zeeshan who given amazing performance as Kundan's friend.
The direction was superb with beautiful cinematography covering gullys of Banaras and not to miss the real life dialogs.
This is indeed a great debut of Dhanush in Hindi film, he proved you need talent not a toned muscle to pull of movie. Good to see that we do know how to make good commercial film.


  1. Indeed Ankesh, Its one of the best movies I've seen in the recent past. Especially, the way everything was handled...awesome presentation