May 24, 2014

X-Men : Day Of Future Past - [ Action ] - (4/5)

Image Source: 20th Century Fox

X-Men: Days Of Future Past - "Battle against own power"

This X-Men movies is continuum of all X-Men series and nicely taken care of it's prequels of each characters. The movie plot is set out in future 2023 when robots harboured from the genes of Mystique (played by Jennifer Lawrence) known as Sentinels are exterminating mutants as well as humans. Small band of mutants survivors try to go back in past and change the incidence where Mystique kills the scientist who is planning to build a weapon to destroy mutants by taking Mystique’s genes. It was Logan Wolverine’s ability of self-heal takes him back to past where he teams up Charles Xavier and Magneto to accomplish this mission.
Like all X-Men it is full of actions and revelation of characters through it’s time. It was well written and edited movie in terms of our information of all X-Men movie we have seen. Being an X-men fan I advice all those who loves super hero movie.

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