August 2, 2014

Lucy - [ Action ] - (2.5/5)

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Lucy - Brain Drain 

Lucy is an action movie about a 25 year old girl Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) who studies in Taipei and tricked into working as drug mule by her boy friend who works for Korean Drug Lord. She delivers a briefcase carrying new kind of drug called CPH4. Lucy is captured and a bag was sewn into her abdomen and other four men to smuggle the drug to Europe. While in captive one of gangster kicks her in stomach which result in releasing CPH4 into her system. As a result her brain power increases many folds which enhances her physical capabilities, information absorption, mental time travel, control over pain etc. She kills her captor and try to discover how to cure herself and save her life as well as seek revenge from Korean drug lord.
As she knows she is going to die, she discovers Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) and create a supercomputer in form of flash drive which carries all information she possessed about universe through her ability of her brain functioning at 100% level.

The movie is action packed but changes plot into completely difference tangent or genre. From drug smuggle crime and captive the movie instantly draw parallel on theory of evolution and significance space & time.

The plot starts in very interesting way but will confuse you as story try to achieve and explain too many things which makes it complex to portray and looks like average movie. Scarlett Johansson is superb on ever frame, if you are interested in experimental action flick, go for it. 

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