July 6, 2014

Bobby Jasoos - [ Drama / Comedy ] - ( 0.5 / 5 )

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Bobby Jasoos - Wanna Be Spy with Identity Crisis

Bobby Jasoos is a movie setup in hyderabad backdrop,  about a middle class girl who has passion towards detective investigation. She is struggling with her family's expectations of getting married and lead normal life makes her rebel and her inability to be successful detective and only mere taking household cases around her locality makes her more restless. 

To prove herself she tries very hard against her folk's desire but couldn't able to manage a good investigation case until she meets a mystery man played by Kirankumar who gives her assignment to find some people.
The movie has amazing casting but it lacks in screenplay and has very loose script. The plots are un-interesting, predictable and very cliche uncalled family drama and romantic angle.

Being a spy movie it try for thriller angle which ends up as a dud with pathetic climax sequence.
Don't even think about watching.

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