August 25, 2014

The Double - [ Drama ] - (3.5/5)

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The Double - Battling with  your better self

The Double is movie about a very ordinary person Simon James (Jesse Eisenberg) who is leading life of a loser with no friends, have a very mediocre job in Data Processing Unit and in love with one of his co-worker Hannah (Mia Wasikowska) who lives opposite his building. Simon has nothing good in his life and no one respect or even notices him including his mother. His life changes upside down when his employers hire another co-workers named James Simon played by Jesse Eisenberg who looks exactly like him however he is better than him in every way, more outgoing, stealing his work and passing it off as his own, and going for the girl like it's easy. It goes to that extent that his own existence was deniable in his life at his work and also with girl he loves. The story seems simple but it s one of the most mind twisted abstract movie with very dark humour they shown the life of ordinary and how to fight for own existence to the extent that you decide to kill yourself.

This is one of those weird, philosophical, trippy kind of films that will be discussed, debated and analyzed endlessly. It requires very serious viewings noticing minute details happened in the first half and determine what all of that means in the bigger picture, once we learn where it all ends up in the second half. My own interpretation of The Double is that it's about identity, and the idea that you lose everything about yourself when there's someone who is just like you but better than you in every way. So what happens to you when someone like that enters your life? That's the question that the film tries to address. Unfortunately things get a bit muddled around the second half, and it lacks any explainable conclusion, but maybe that is the point of the movie.

Jesse has done superb job in playing both the characters and movie has amazing cinematography and sound editing.

Watch it if you love abstract and deep philosophical concept kind of movie.

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