September 1, 2014

AnksTips: Solving Smart Phones over heating problem

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Well to all Smart Phone Users who are troubled by over heating of phone, here are few advice and it works for me so thought to share.
1. Update all Apps, you apps shows Updates are available but we ignore, it consistently sends alert to processor for update notice which heats up the device, so keep all Apps updated. If you don’t need app to be updated, better delete  it
2. Clear Junk Files, as it clogs RAM, use any good cleaner Apps
3. In case using Android with SDCARDs, ensure do not store file frequently used to be kept in SDCARD, frequent reading of SD Card over heats up system
4. Do not perform any operation while charging, any current flow generate heats and at the same time any I/O operation makes internal cooling system failed
5. Boot your phone once a day, just like Booting, Restarting PC make it work effectively, booting phone once a day also improves Phone Performance on cooling and productivity
6. Turnoff Wifi when not using, wifi sends radio signal consistently to locate wifi services which heats up the device
7. Close multiple running Apps in background, we don't observe but there are various apps we start and doesn't bother to close which sits on RAM and create pressure in processor when you want to do various things at once.
These actions was done by me and I have seen great result.

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