September 14, 2014

Finding Fanny - [ Comedy / Drama ] - (4/5)

Image Source: Fox Star Studio

Finding Fanny: Finding Everything

Finding Fanny is movie about a small village "Pocolim" in Goa where a retired post master "Ferdie" played by Naseeruddin Shah, get's a 46 year old letter back which he has written to his first love Fanny and realised the letter was never ever delivered. Angie a young widow played by Deepika who stays with her mother-in-law Rosie played by Dimple Kapadia who is like first lady of pocolim. Angie takes help of Savio played by Arjun Kapoor who was having romantic interest in Angie to go for a road trip to find Fanny. Finally all of them go for road trip in Don Pedro's (played by Pankaj Kapur) car, a painter who is obsessed by Rosie and wish to make her portrait.
The best part of movie is it's characterisation and the way they build up the story and revealing aspects of their life. It's full with amazing dialogs and laugh riots and superb performances by all the actors. It reveals various aspects of life in simplistic manner.

This is a director's movie and all credit goes to Homi Adajania who has managed to put this story in such a beautiful way. This is not regular run of mill movie, go for it if you enjoy off beat comedy and good cinema.

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