October 6, 2014

Haider - [ Drama ] - (3/5)

Image Source: UTV Motion Picture

Haider - A Lost Cause

Haider is Vishal Bahrdwaj’s adaption of Shakespear's Hamlet setup in backdrop of Kashmir. The movie is dark and represents the story of young guy Haider (played by Shahid Kapoor_ who lost his father to Indian Army as he sheltered one of the militants. While looking out for his father Haider realises the conspiracy played by his Uncle Khuurram (played by KAy Kay Menon) to get his father captured for his political ambition and also marry Haider's mother played by Tabu.

The movie has amazing cast and great storyline however very weak screenplay and editing. It is painfully slow and trry to run over emotions way so much to represent in artistic manner that it makes it look boring at one point. It lacks the motion what Maqbool and Omkara has to offer. It could have been great movie if Vishal focused on being to the point and yet put creative performance.

All cast especially Shahid Kapoor, Kay Kay Menon & Tabu is awesome but overall it looks like stretched and lost cause. Not upto the expectations.

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