December 22, 2014

PK - [Comedy/Drama) - (4/5)

Image Source: UTV Motion Pictures

PK - Alien's faith and fate

PK, is a comedy-drama film by Rajkumar Hirani about an alien (played by Aamir Khan) with a body similar of human body who lands on earth in search for another liveable planet and get stranded in Rajasthan because his remote device to connect to his spaceship get stolen. Just like a child who doesn’t understand language, norms he tries to learn from people around and try to find his remote control so that he can go back to his planet. While he was trying to understand the society and behaviour of people on earth he gets confused on a lot of behavioural aspects especially related to sexuality, religion and theory of god. His curiosity about finding god in all religion makes him interesting and famous character while he directly takes it against religious preachers through media.

Ok, Rajkumar Hirani has a midas touch to bring drama, humour and emotion in celluloid with a strong social message to take away with it. PK has strong characterisation and entire movie is carried on shoulder of Aamir Khan where he delivered probably best performance till date. Sanjay Dutt delights us in small cameo and Anoushka has mattured has an actror though we missed Boman Irani’s impact which he had in other Raju Hirani’s movie. The biggest drawback of movie is it’s climax especially a TV debate which raise your expectation and conclude as kid dish climax to such a grand movie. However overall it is a good watch, I am giving it 4 star because of it’s experimental subject and great performance and yes hardly we see big budget commercial movie in India which has little sense in the story.

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