January 20, 2015

American Sniper - [ War Drama / Biogrophy ] - ( 3 / 5 )

Source: Americansnipermovie.com
American Sniper - A shooter's life
American Sniper is a War drama about navy seal's Sniper Chris Kyle played by Bradley Cooper who was best sniper of US Army to killed 100s of militants in Iraq and saved lots of American soldiers who were on field search operation. The movie is about the emotional turmoil he goes through while being on the job of killing people and his perfection on killing enemies even if it is women or minor kids.

The movie is Chris's biography and Bradley was superb in his acting, no wonder he is being nominated as best actor in Oscar for this. Sinna Miller also played good role as his wife.
The movie is slow however portrayed war and army in most authentic manner. This is another good from Clint Eastwood but unlike his legacy.

You may give a miss to watch it on TV.

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